At JC Web, we ensure that our client’s websites and email addresses are hosted by the best servers possible, servers which we personally have the ability to monitor and redistribute the use of the data for each of our clients, manage the amount of traffic their websites can handle and of course monitor the downtime of our client’s websites.

Don’t Understand What This Means?

Website hosting is the platform which allows you to actually post your website to the internet. Your website is essentially a cluster of information which needs to be positioned on something called a “server”. The reason for this is access. While your average computer has the ability to connect to the internet and access information, it’s not possible for your average personal computer to be accessed by large amounts of other personal computers. This is where servers come into place. Servers host or store the information for a website so that multiple people (sometimes millions of people) have the ability to access this information.

Email Hosting is the hosting which provides a space to store your emails online, to be accessed anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection. It is on our servers where we will host your inbox, and provide your personal messages with the correct, safety, security and backups to ensure that your data is not only safe but backed up appropriately. This is essential, because there is a risk of being hacked by malicious internet users who would like to steal your personal information, as well as lower quality server providers who may lose your emails because they do not offer the correct backup support.

This is why it is so imperative to obtain hosting from a reputable source such as JCWeb. Your business depends on its online safety and security to function optimally and it would be in your best interest as a business owner to choose a hosting option that provides you with the necessary services that provide you with this piece of mind.

It is through these host servers and ONLY through these servers which people will have access to your website and that is the reason we insist on the constant monitoring of our hosting services at JCWeb, timeously tending to system errors and supporting our clients in any way possible, within the shortest timeframe possible.