Google SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation)

Go Organic! Let our team rebuild the copy on your website to naturally attract search engines like Google, ranking your page higher, & attracting more sales.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is the process by which organic traffic is obtained by websites. In other words, the attractive key phrases, headings, and embedded Metadata are used to direct people to your website in the same way we search through the yellow pages to look for businesses.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important for anyone who owns a website as it helps you show up in well-renowned search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines are how people find your website and because of this, it is essential to comply with up to date search engine requirements as they will help people find your website, and in turn, bring you more page visitors which are of course important for any business (being recognised by more people)

How does SEO work?

While some of the data used in SEO is plain, simple and clear as day in the content of your website, there are other SEO optimising key phrases and techniques such as Metadata which needs to be embedded into the coding of your website to assist the site in being ranked on google. This data is used by search engines to sift through large amounts of data so that they can provide their users (your potential clients) with websites to visit which pertain to their search. Your aim as an existing website is to be ranked as high as possible on this list because the more your website is to be visited the higher it is ranked (people want the best, and they will choose a website listed first because they instinctively assume that the higher ranked websites are surely used by more people, and are therefore better).

How do Search Engines Decide Who is Ranked First?

All search engines have algorithms which take into consideration Words (copy used on a website); Titles (the headings of categories and articles which can also be found in website URLs); Links (other sites recommending your website via a “link” back to your website); and of course, your websites reputation which is based on your website providing fresh and engaging content that is recommended via backlinks through other reputable websites.

Paid SEM Advertising (Google Adwords)?

Unlike organic SEO optimisation, paid SEO advertising (known as AdWords) has the ability to boost your website to the front pages of search engines as well as create advertisements which paste your website above other ranked websites. This sort of advertising may be compared to advertising in a newspaper (The advertisements which make the cover of the newspaper often achieve better results compared to those who only feature within the classifieds section). The options with SEO are endless, and may even go so far as the ability to advertise on popular websites. This level of advertising may appear pricey, but consider that it’ worth because of the amount competition there is within the World Wide Web (how many hundreds of thousands of websites sell clothing online?), you’ll have to advertise as well as generate original and entertaining content to stand out in this crowd.

Only The best will appear to do on the internet, and as the online community grows, so does the strength of the advertising algorithms which will be ranking your page in the search engines, and that is why it is imperative that you get accustomed to having an online presence ASAP. The sooner you can come to terms with being recognised in the online space, the sooner you can start maximising your profits from advertising within this expanding medium.